Dr. Fernando López-Gallego

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Dr. Fernando López-Gallego leads the group of heterogeneous biocatalysis at CICbiomaGUNE (San Sebastián, Spain) where is IKERBASQUE research professor. Dr. López-Gallego has a consolidate expertise applying multienzyme systems to biotechnological processes by harnessing the exquisite selectivity of enzymes (biological catalysts). In this context, his group mimics the spatial organization found inside the living organisms, but using ex-vivo systems supported on solid materials. To address such goal, his group is bridging the chemistry and the biology utilizing multidisciplinary tools that involve molecular biology, enzymology and material chemistry.



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de Barros H. R., García I., Kuttner C., Zeballos N., Camargo P. H. C., de Torresi S. I. C., López-Gallego F. and Liz-Marzán L. M. Mechanistic Insights into the Light-Driven Catalysis of an Immobilized Lipase on Plasmonic Nanomaterials. ACS Catal. 2021, 11, 414-423.

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